Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fun with Split Stats!

We fans of the Penguins often joke during rough periods that it would be nice if we could know when certain guys were going to bother showing up, so we could regularly set who is a healthy scratch. well, if you're reading, coach therrien, I think I may have found something for you....

Michel Ouellet
first 17 games: 6G 8A
next 16 games: 1G 2A
next 17 games: 6G 13A
last 8 games: nothing.

i think we now have a usable pattern for benching him.

here's more:

Sunday-Wednesday: 5G 6A in 25 games
Thursday-Saturday: 8G 17A in 31 games

and still more...

19 games vs CLB, SJ, OTT, FLA, TOR, PHI, and NYI: 10G 16 A.
22 games vs TB, NYR, NJ, MTL, CAR, ATL: 1G 1A.

so the obvious final conclusion we have come to? Michel Ouellet should only be in the lineup in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, unless we are playing one of those six teams in the second line; he should never play on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, unless we are playing one of the seven teams from the line above that.

That being said, he should obviously be benched until March 22nd and then play out the rest of the year.

More scheduling info for Coach Therrien

Ryan Malone: 8G, 5A in 13 M/W/F games; 5G, 5A in 33 other games (hmmm, he must still think he's in college)

Colby Armstrong: 7G, 10A in 18 games against FLA, NYR, NYI, TB, WAS; 1G, 8A in 44 other games.

Eric Christensen: 8G, 6A in 17 games against ATL, MTL, PHI, NYI, WAS; 3G, 3A in 26 other games

So there you have it folks. Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Recchi, Roberts, Laraque, Talbot, Ruutu, and Petrovicky play every night, then you shuffle Malone, Armstrong, Christensen, and Ouellet (and occasionally Laraque, Petro, and Ruutu as matchups dictate) for the other three forward spots.

My god, hire me as coach.

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