Monday, February 12, 2007


Never actually had one, I just like the plentiful syllables that particular wrap presents.
For those of you disappointed that I'm not doing nightly recaps, tough crap. I'm a busy man, and can only be so many places (like a top-quality marmalade, I only spread so thin). Tonight had only one game, and thus I intend to discuss.

The Philadelphia Flyers welcomed the streaking (not naked, just winning) Red Wings into the Wachovia Center last night. The Flyers opened the night with a nice tribute to Mr. Keith Primeau, followed by a stunning rendition of the anthem by none other than the referee...

"Oh soooolo miiioooo...."

and then decided since they were already there, they might as well play a hockey game.

The game started off slowly, with both teams only registering a total of 14 shots on goal the entire period, and one shot finding the twine for each team. Both goalies were quite impressive throughout the first two periods, especially considering it was Backup Night, featuring Joey MacDonald and Michael Leighton rather than Hasek and Niittymaki...

MacDonald was busy making spectacular saves...

...while Leighton resorted to doing push ups out of boredom.

That was all fine and dandy, but after two periods, fans were left with a reasonably competitive, albeit uneventful, 1-1 game. But then something happened - the Flyers came to a truly startling realization:

"Dude! There are actually people here watching us!"

This sudden fact lit a fire under the backsides of the Philadelphia players, and they went on a tear, scoring five goals in roughly 11 minutes to put the game away and head to bed with a 6-1 victory over the Red Wings.

It is truly strange. You see a game like tonight and think, "wow, this team could really be something." Then you remember that this is about the third time all season the Flyers have been able to play that well for a whole game.

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