Monday, March 5, 2007

I Like New York in June...

How about you? A fourth night in a row for the venerable Jack to bring you a recap game. Oh, and what a game it was. You get your choice tonight:

A) The game was beyond photographic description, and there is no video available for the parts that need describing

B) there were seven damn photos of the game, and they all sucked.

Yeah, actually, those are both true. Rick DiPietro stood on his freaking head making fifty-six saves tonight for the Islanders (for those of you keeping track at home, that's $1,147.96 per save in the bank for lil' Ricky).

Unfortunately, all that flying rubber appeared to intimidate the Islanders, who only managed a measly 30 shots in a 2-1 shootou loss.

Thanks to the Rangers for keeping them Islanders at bay, giving Rick DiPietro a workout, and playing a game so boring, AP didn't even feel like taking good pictures. WOW.

What's on tap then?

Pens fans, you will obviously be rooting for your own team, off to the Great Northern Beyond to take on the Senators and attempt to pull even for that #4 seed.

You will also *ugh* be rooting for the Flyers to pull off a friggin miracle and manage to at least keep the Devils from getting both points.

You can begin your regular rooting for the Panthers and Capitals, as they look to deny Atlanta and Toronto, respectively, from earning two more points.

And if you stay up late, feel free to root loudly for the Canucks, who will hopefully show the Lightning how it's really done.

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